About Me

I grew up in the country outside Norrköping, where I spent most of my time playing videogames, playing music and riding skateboard. While growing up, I mostly focused on music and went to different music schools. After Highschool (Gymnasiet) me and my band moved together in a house in Stockholm to try our luck in the Metal scene for 3 years and had some success on YouTube,  went on a European tour and a short trip to play in New York. It was an awesome experience but I desided that I wanted something more down to earth but still have an outlet for my creativity and figured that programming could be it. I took a short course on the basics of C++ and loved it. Of course i dreamt of making games but wouldnt mind programming other things. I came across The Game Assembly and desided that I would give gameprogramming a shot and can honestly say that the more I learn the more I like programming.

When we where supposed to deside on a field to specialize in, audio programming came kinda natural. Im especially interested in spacial audio and getting the mix immersive while making the important effects that guide the player be heard. I really like gameplay programming as well and getting it feel fluid and tight. Making a combatsystem would probably be my second pick as a specializaton.

I still make music when I can and have made some music for games witch is harder than one might think. Making headbangable music is very different from making something that will fit the gameplay and not get in the way over important sound effects, but it's an interesting challange.

What ells?? emm... I like these games.

Dark souls 1-3


Rocket League

Counter Strike


Mount & Blade

Mortal Online